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meet georgie wolf.

Escort, writer, sex educator

Georgie is an independent escort in Melbourne, Australia. She’s published a book on having good sex, writes for leading escort website, and helps escort clients have life-changing sexual experiences. She also works with Curious Creatures, Australia’s biggest provider of sexuality workshops.

Your guide to escorts

sex workers are amazing…

Hands-on sex professionals are a great way to relax, explore in the bedroom,  and practise your sex skills. Independent escorts (sex workers who run their own businesses and set their own rates) are a great option – if you’re in a big town or city, you’re sure to find someone to suit your needs (and your budget).

…but not everyone gets it right!

Even though people from all walks of life choose to see sex workers, it’s not something that’s often talked about in public. Guys who pay for sexual experiences often feel anxious, ashamed, or afraid it won’t work out. If this is you, it’s okay. There’s isn’t much information on how to do this stuff. It’s understandable if you worry about messing it up!

‘about escorts’ shows you how…you’ll feel confident and get what you need.

Want a FREE guide to escorts?

Want a FREE guide to escorts?