“As an escort, do you give presents to your clients?”

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Q: As a escort when you are asked to celebrate a client’s birthday do you give him a small present / card, or just meet & do the normal booking?

Georgie: I believe that sex work is a service, and that I’m only obligated to provide the experience that I’ve negotiated with my client. This means that whether it’s a client’s birthday or just any other occasion, the way I give is by putting effort into what I do best – my job. It goes the other way too – I’d never expect gifts or tips from clients, because the fee we’ve negotiated includes everything we agree to do together.

For birthdays or special occasions, the client will often organise a special dinner or activity themselves to celebraate. The client will pay for any extra outings or activities. Of course, sometimes I’m the birthday present, if you know what I mean! Regardless, if I know it’s a special occasion I’ll be sure to put extra effort in – but that applies to almost all of my sessions anyway.

In the past, I have given small gifts or cards to very long-term clients, but it’s a rarity and shouldn’t be expected by a client no matter how long we have been seeing each other. (I also shouted someone a donut once, but it doesn’t happen every day!)

My opinion is individual. I suspect that if you asked other escorts, they’d give you a range of different answers. But when it comes to gifts or special favours, my advice is always: don’t have  expectations. Your escort doesn’t owe you anything apart from the negotiated service. If they do choose to give you special treatment, it’s a bonus.

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