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“What’s your opinion on period sex?”

If you’re interested in having period sex – if it turns you on – this is what I’d call a kink, or a fetish. It’s totally fine. But it might take a bit of work to organise this kind of session.

“What should I do if I get scammed?”

Clients sometimes worry about getting scammed…but it’s in your escort’s best interests to treat you well. Here are some disaster-proofing strategies for your next date.

“How do escorts feel about married clients?”

“When it comes to married clients, I understand it’s a professional arrangement that is being provided, and a client’s personal circumstances shouldn’t necessarily make any difference to the service (in

“How do escorts feel about beards?”

Q: I’ve seen a line somewhere concerning preparing to see your escort and being clean shaven. I have a marvellous beard, well-kept and groomed. How do escorts feel about them?