How to book an escort: A beginner’s guide.

Lots of folks think that seeing a sex worker is as easy as ordering a pizza; they're wrong. Here are a few things you need to know, to avoid being turned down by an escort.
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So, you’re ready to book a date with an escort. You’ve found someone you like, your fingers are poised over the keyboard…but wait just a moment. Before you send off that first message, take a moment to make sure it’s right.

Lots of folks think that seeing a sex worker is as easy as ordering a pizza: you call up, tell them what you want and then a package of delicious goodness arrives at your front door. Unfortunately, an escort isn’t a Super Supreme Thin-n-Crispy. When you contact an escort, you’re not just ordering up a service; you’re entering into a verbal contract with another human being. And because we all have our own individual needs and standards, making a positive first contact is essential.

What happens if just dash off a half-assed email or text message? Well, the escort might not reply to you at all; they might assume you’re a time-waster or a bad fit for their services. We can, and do, turn bookings down … our safety and enjoyment is important. Even if your booking is accepted, bad communication can result in a poor service. If your escort has spent ages dealing with difficult messages or trying to work out what you want, they’ll have less energy left for your actual time together.

Here’s my ‘how to book an escort 101’. The information below is essential for those who are just starting out. But you may also want to read on, if you’re having trouble getting replies to your messages.

It’s a Lot Like Dating

Booking an escort is  like asking someone on a date – you want to present yourself in the best way possible. Escorts are selective about who they see, so if you aren’t polite to them they may decide they aren’t interested in your business. If you come across as polite and serious, a lady will speak to you more nicely, spend more time answering your questions and will also be more likely to accept your booking request.

Steps to Making a Booking

1. Introduce Yourself
Say “Hi, I’m Joe. I saw your ad/ website/a friend told me about you” etc. This gives us your name and an idea of where you are coming from.

2. Request a date, time and location
For example: “Are you available on Tuesday at 6pm?” This allows us to see that you are serious. Indicate where we’re going to meet – are you at a hotel or a private home? Are you wanting an incall? (Incalls aren’t available in some states by law).

3. Ask for what you want
Ask about specific services or activities that you’re interested in. Don’t be shy – we are very open-minded! If we say ‘no’ to a particular activity, please don’t be offended – everyone is different in what they like to do. NEVER try to push us into doing something, it won’t get you anywhere!

Things to Avoid

  • Inappropriate language …especially via text message! Saying “Hey babe u busy?” will not get a response from me. Obscene language is also not okay.
  • Asking questions that are already covered in the ad ….such as “how much do you charge?”
  • Asking for sex without a condom … Unsafe sex is really uncool, and it means you could potentially be a health risk to us. Escorts take their health very seriously and it’s not okay to ask us to lower our safety standards.
  • Requesting photos … Some guys ask for photos because they’re worried the escort might not be posting accurate pics in their ad … if this is the case for you, I’d recommend finding an escort who has plenty of selfies on their ads on Twitter. Asking for extra photos just makes you sounds like a ‘pic collector’: someone who wants sexy pics but will never book. Or, as I like to put it, ‘dodgy as fuck.’
  • Last-minute or late-night bookings … Unless you’re booking a touring escort, most of us enjoy a little bit of notice to prepare for sessions. Personally, I won’t take a booking with less than 24 hours notice. Read an escort’s ad, note any availability information, and act accordingly. and please don’t message us at 3am … we like our sleep just as much as the next person!

Arranging an escort booking is a bit like packing for a holiday: it takes a bit of thought and effort, to ensure everything goes well once you’re finally on your way to having fun. The more honest, straightforward and easy to deal with you are, the more likely an escort is to accept your booking request.

And first impressions do count – the better you come across during the booking process, the more your escort will look forward to meeting you.

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