“Do escorts give clients gifts on their birthdays?”

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Q: As a escort when you are asked to celebrate a client’s birthday do you a) Give him a small present / card, or b) Just meet & do the normal booking?

Georgie: As a service professional, my time and effort is all I’m offering as part of a booking. I may sometimes bring a bottle of wine or some snacks to a longer session, but none of these are guaranteed. If I’m seeing a client for their birthday, my gift to them is putting a lot of effort into our time together to ensure they have a great day. Although I have been known to give gifts for special occasions, this is something reserved for very long-term clients with whom I have a more extensive relationship, and it’s by no means expected or promised. 

It goes the other way too – I would never expect gifts or tips from a client. When it does happen, it’s lovely, but it’s definitely not an expected part of the experience. Here are some more of my thoughts on gift-giving.

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