“Do escorts hurt if they have too much sex?”

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Q: How many times maximum does an escort have sex in a day? Doesn’t too much sex hurt?

Georgie: It’s really tricky to give an answer as to how much sex and escort has! Some workers might see several clients in a day, and some might only see one a week – or anything in-between. It really depends on the person.

Good sex shouldn’t hurt, and you’d have to be having some pretty intense sexual marathons in order to feel discomfort. I know that old-school sex-education might have some people thinking that our sexy bits can be worn out or stretched by ‘too much sex’ (whatever that means) but that’s not how it works. Pussies are just like cocks – they’re strong, resilient and good for unlimited fun, if we take care of them properly.

When it comes to heterosexual PIV, everyone’s body is different. We all have different limits for getting sore (or tired, or hungry.)

Having a well-endowed partner can sometimes cause soreness. If you’re larger-than-average in the pants department it’s polite to go extra slowly and check in with your partner to make sure they’re comfortable. Actually, this is pretty good advice for everyone, whether you’re using your cock, toys, fingers or hands And no matter the size of your dick, using lots of personal lubricant is super important. If you notice things getting a bit dry or chafey, please ask if we need more lube! This is even more true for anal – you need tons of lube, and to go slowly and make sure your partner is enjoying themselves.

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