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Seeing a sex professional is a fun way to have the sexy, adventurous experiences you dream of.

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why listen to me?

Hi, I'm Georgie. I'm an Australian escort with ten years' experience. I write about sex and dating, have published a book about better sex, and coach escort clients from all over the world. My work has been mentioned in Penthouse Australia and The Sydney Morning Herald. I also write for Tryst, a leading escort directory.

Seeing escorts should be easy.

If you need companionship, adventure or relaxation, you’re not alone. Escorts are a great way to get your needs met…from¬†guys losing their virginity to divorcees regaining their sexual confidence, sex work offers real solutions.

Getting started with escorts can be difficult, so I’ve created this short eBook to help you. I’ll guide you through finding the right person, arranging a booking, having great sex, and making a graceful exit afterwards.

Georgie Wolf talks about ‘Getting Started with Escorts.’

eBook - Getting Started with Escorts

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