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shared by Australian Escort Georgie Wolf

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The skills and strategies I’ve learned as an escort.

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Make sure your time and money is isn’t wasted.

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Learn skills for deeper connection and better sex.

escorts can make dreams come true...

A good sex pro can provide companionship, intimacy, and a safe place to explore your fantasies.

...but not everyone gets it right.

Lots of clients have awkward dates and unsatisfying sex, because they don't know how to make the most of the situation.


meet georgie wolf

Hi, I'm Georgie! I'm an Australian escort with ten years' experience. I've published a book about better sex, and I coach escort clients from all over the world. My work features in Penthouse Australia and The Sydney Morning Herald. I also write for Tryst, a leading escort directory.

7-day email course

What you'll learn

What do you REALLY need?

Learn your deeper desires and how to satisfy them.

Find your perfect match

How to search for an escort you’ll click with.

Reach out & connect

Create a connection from your very first contact.

How to have a genuine experience

Banish anxiety and negativity. 

The secrets of great sex

Three straightforward skills for enjoyable sex.

Dealing with feelings

Feelings are normal – here’s how to keep them under control.

Advanced escort adventures

Make your fantasies come true, one step at a time.

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- Monty, 48