For a better date, do this: 7 strategies for a great escort encounter

Why spend your money on an average escort session when you could be having a mind-blowing one? Here are 7 ideas that can help.
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When it comes to sex, we often just hope for the best; often, that’s NOT the best way.

One of my favourite sayings about escort bookings is, ‘it takes two to tango.’ Although it’s your professional’s job to work out what you need and make sure you have a good time, we can only do so much. Your experience is going to be vastly improved if you meet us halfway. And since you’re investing a lot of time and money, why not put the effort in?

This article is a checklist of sorts…a collection of ideas for having a better escort date. Whether you’re new or experienced, here are seven ways to make sure you get the most out of your booking.

1. Before you book, think about what you want.

Take some time to think about the kind of experience you want. Are you into cuddles? Long, intimate conversations? Marathon sex sessions? Sensual touch and massage? Kinky play? Escorts are like ice cream – we come in an infinite number of flavours. Whether you’re looking for a wild kink session or a slow, relaxing afternoon, you’ll be able to find someone whose personality matches your interests.

But once you decide on a partner, it’s unreasonable to expect them to be someone they’re not. If you choose vanilla when you wanted rocky road, that’s on you.

2. Make a good first impression (and pay attention to whether your escort makes one too)

A great sexual connection starts from the very first glance – or the first email! Once a new escort has formed an impression of you that opinion could be hard to shift, even when you meet in person. A polite email or text message containing all the details your escort needs will reassure them and get them thinking well of you from the get-go.

This principle works both ways. If you come away from your first contact with a worker sensing that they might not be right for you, it’s totally okay to (politely) say so, and find someone else. And it’s a helluva lot better than cancelling at the last moment because you’re feeling uncertain.

3. Let the anticipation build

Anticipation is a wonderful thing. It’s one of the reasons I recommend booking your escort will in advance…having days (or weeks) to fantasise about the meeting will have you feeling much more enthusiastic than if you do something on the spur of the moment!

Book well ahead of time … then savour the wait. With each passing day, the sexual tension will heighten. If you’ve made a good impression, your escort will spend all that time looking forward to meeting you too.

4. Be on time – or risk starting off badly

If one of my clients turns up early, I’m usually halfway through putting my makeup on; I end up feeling rushed. And if they turn up late, I’ll start to worry that they’re not going to show. Even if that turns out to be untrue, those short minutes of worry will have started the booking off on a bad foot.

Being exactly on time is necessary, if you want to begin your date without anxiety. I feel the same way when visiting my clients – I’ll always knock on their door at precisely the time we agreed on.

5. Mix it up – it’s not all about the sex

Some people think that seeing a sex worker is all about sex…but that’s only part of the story. It can also mean talking together, cuddling, swapping jokes, sharing a drink, having breakfast in bed, giving each other massages, sharing travel photos…and the list goes on.

Marathon sex sessions are fun but can also wear everyone out. don’t forget to break up the sexual play with other activities.

6. Take it slow…

Good sex isn’t rushed. Good sex is slow – well, it’s not always slow. What I’m trying to say is, pay attention to what you’re doing. Slow down enough that you can concentrate on every touch and sensation. When we concentrate on the sex we’re having, we enjoy ourselves more.

Slowing down is a great way to vary the pace. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of good old-fashioned energetic thrusting…but alternating between fast and slow will keep things interesting.

7. Send a ‘thank-you’ email

When the excitement and endorphins wear off the day after a booking, you might be left feeling down. This is called ‘drop’, and it’s a very common experience for clients.

Your low mood might be accompanied by thoughts such as, ‘was it really genuine?’ or ‘do they really like me?’ One way to remind yourself of all the good things that happened is to send a thank-you message to your escort. When you sit down and to write about all the high points, you’ll be re-living your positive experience.

I don’t speak for everyone, but personally I love receiving a short ‘thank you’ message after a booking; it reassures me that I did a great job. Sending a nice message can be a way to make your escort feel great…and making other people feel good is an effective way to stop feeling depressed.

I hope these ideas are useful. And I hope next time we meet, we’re both giving it our best effort. It does make a difference!

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