Are you an escort beginner? Here’s some encouragement.

Starting out seeing sex workers can be daunting, but it's worth it. I'll never regret my first experience, and neither should you.
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How did you first come up with the idea of seeing an escort?

Perhaps it began as the merest whisper in the back of your mind. Perhaps it was a joke your mates cracked once, that made you think. Perhaps it was a dare; perhaps a fantasy. Perhaps it was a late-night movie, that made you wonder, ‘does this stuff happen in real life?’ And how did things progress from there? Did you spend ages looking through the back pages of the newspaper? Did you read through hundreds of escort advertisements on the Internet, trying to work up the courage to send that first message?

Perhaps you did all of this, or perhaps you found your own way here. Regardless, I’m certain you all had to face the same question: how should you get started? How to choose someone? How to approach them? What would happen when you finally met? And – most importantly – would you have a good experience?

It’s a journey I know, because I’ve done it too. Long before I became an escort, I was also a client.

I’ve loved adventure all my life, and I particularly love threesomes. But when I find myself in a relationship with a guy, threesomes can be hard to come by – it’s not polite to ask my female friends and picking in bars up is a lot of hard work! Seeing a sex worker can be a fun, safe way to have a ménage à trois.

Of course, we all worry about getting things wrong, and my first time was no exception. As I recall, I rocked up to Sydney’s most expensive brothel with my boyfriend in tow. As we walked in the door, we discovered that a bus-load of footballers had also just arrived – they looked astounded to see a woman in the waiting room. They all started nudging each other and making comments that I couldn’t hear, while I turned red with embarrassment.

After choosing a lady we liked, she led us to a private room. When I said, ‘do we pay you first?’ she nearly laughed at me. But of course, how was I supposed to know how things were meant to be done?

Starting out seeing sex workers can be daunting, and there’s nowhere to turn for reliable information. We’re not supposed to talk about this stuff! As a result, many clients struggle to ‘learn the ropes.’ In my time as an escort I’ve met a lot of first-timers, and they all tell me how incredibly scary it can be to approach an escort for the first time. And yet, with little information and a whole lot of nerves, they somehow manage to arrange their first escort sessions…I have so much admiration for people who have chosen to give it a go!

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Experienced Clients

Safer sex doesn’t have to suck…

Condoms, lubricants, and awkward fumbling around – how could any of that stuff possibly turn us on? But in my adventures as an escort, I’ve discovered that safer sex skills can be hot as hell.

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