Have you introduced your escort to your other hobbies? I’m all for it.

Sex sometimes goes well with other interests, in a multitude of surprising ways. Why not mix it up?

Do you ever mix sex with your other hobbies?

For example: I love cake. I love it the way other people love their cars or their pets. I love cake so much that I will cancel social commitments just so that I can stay at home and eat it.

This might be stating the obvious, I also love sex. In my twenties I had a ‘friend with benefits’, an itinerant circus performer who would drop by from time to time. He was a lovely, gentle man. We had a lot in common – we both enjoyed books, and would often spend the afternoon reading together after our playtime.

One afternoon my friend dropped in unexpectedly and caught me in the kitchen. I was just sitting down to eat an enormous slice of chocolate cake.

“That cake looks amazing!” he said.

Refusing to share my cake would be impolite, especially considering I really wanted to get him naked. But I only had one slice. Irrationally, I couldn’t help feeling disappointed that I wouldn’t get to keep it to myself.

Suddenly, I had an idea. I convinced him that I should eat the cake OFF him as he lay naked on my bed. Being an open-minded and adventurous sort of guy, he readily agreed. The end result was a great way to enjoy chocolate cake, and it was a win/win situation: I was allowed to eat ALL of the cake, and he didn’t feel left out!

If this most unlikely combination of interests can work, I’m curious as to what other hobbies have found their way into your sex lives. Escorting allows plenty of room for such experimentations – sex workers tend to be an open-minded bunch, and I personally am very receptive to creative suggestions. Exploration is not only tolerated, it’s often encouraged.

Exhibit A: I have a client who owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and every time we meet he takes me for an exhilarating ride along St Kilda Beach promenade. I love a man who loves to show off his bike! It’s also very good foreplay: the thrill of the ride gets our endorphins pumping, and vibrations from the powerful engine gripped between my thighs have a very direct effect on my anatomy … I’m always ready to tear his clothes off once we return to the privacy of our hotel room.

Exhibit B: you’d be amazed how much more interesting a cricket match can be, if you’re fucking someone while watching it on television.

Then there’s my regular who loves science fiction. We spend our time together swapping book recommendations, and watching movies at the cinema. Think that sounds tame? Think again … when the lights are down, there’s always the opportunity for a bit of fooling around in the back row. The only trick is to not get distracted – we both take film too seriously to risk missing anything important.

I’ve had people tell me that they don’t like the ‘personal’ to intrude into their sex lives, and that for them a booking with an escort is a chance to focus completely on getting laid without having to divulge any personal information. I respect this – privacy and boundaries are the reason escorting is so appealing for many. However, I personally find encounters more satisfying when my clients and I are open with each other. Apart from enjoying sharing each others’ confidences, it also gives me ideas for new things to do in the bedroom with them.

The best story is one that was totally unexpected. One lover – a quiet guy with a busy career – had a ‘bucket list’ of experiences that he was interested in. His hobby was gradually working through the list, and challenging himself to try new things. Over time he shared more and more of his ‘bucket list’ items with me: travel, learning to surf, becoming a cook… eventually we reached the last item on the list. He had always been curious about being with another man. One he had disclosed this, I was able to recommend a guy friend of mine who helped him realise his hot ‘bi-curious’ fantasy. We spent months afterwards talking about his experience, and reminiscing about it with him made for some really hot sex. If we hadn’t started talking about his ‘bucket list’, I would never have had the chance to make his fantasy come true.

The moral of this story? Sex sometimes goes well with other hobbies, in a multitude of surprising ways. Why not mix it up?

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