“How do escorts feel about beards?”


Q: I’ve seen a line somewhere concerning preparing to see your escort and being clean shaven. I have a marvellous beard, well-kept and groomed. How do escorts feel about them? I mean, I love kissing and giving oral to a woman, but how does the escort feel about that?

Georgie: I remember a booking I had St Kilda, back when in my early years of escorting. As I was still new to the job, I often fell into the habit of judging clients before I’d met them. I’d base my assumptions on the way they wrote or spoke on the phone, or the kinds of activities they wanted. On this occasion, my judgement was totally off. I arrived expecting to meet an older businessman but instead I found myself standing in front of a lovely young man from Adelaide. He had the thickest, most luxurious beard I had ever seen.

We sat on his bed and started making out. His beard smelled like cedar and aftershave. He said ‘I hope you don’t mind.’

‘Are you kidding?’ I replied, ‘This is Melbourne! I feel like I’m shagging my hot barista.’

When it comes to beards, remember the golden rule: no two escorts are the same. Just as there’s no consensus on ‘what women really want,’ there’s no consensus on what escorts prefer in the way of facial hair – some love beards, and some prefer their men clean-shaven. Either way, you still have a right to go bearded or beardless depending on your preferences.

There are a few practical considerations. If you shave, it’s helpful if you do it immediately before we meet so that I don’t end up with stubble rash on my face (or, God forbid, my nether regions.) If you do have a beard, it’s important to look after it. Beards are notorious food traps, and they can get stinky. If you wash and condition your beard with something like this, your facial hair will look, smell and feel great.

Short answer: If you practice good grooming, neither bearded nor shaven should be a problem.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve long since learned to never make assumptions about my clients…not till I’ve actually met them, anyway. And my sexual preferences go more than beard-deep.

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