“How do I book an escort?”


Welcome to this week’s question – how do I book an escort?

I’m going to take you through the basic steps you need to know, to successfully arrange an escort session. It’s not that complicated, but because there isn’t much info on this, lots of new clients worry that they might do the wrong thing.

If you don’t know this stuff, you risk being turned down by the escort you approach or getting on their bad side before the booking even starts – something you really want to avoid. Once we’ve talked it over, you’re going to feel a lot more confident.

Basically, booking an escort is like making the perfect take-off in a plane – if you get it right, it ensures a smooth flight for the rest of your journey. If you get it wrong…things might blow up.

Here’s how to get things started.

Step 1 is to make sure you’re ready. I’m assuming that you’ve already spent some time looking at an escort ad site such as Scarlet Blue – You should have an idea of who you want to book, and of course you need to be sure that you have the money to afford it, and that you’re feeling ready to go through with it. It’s also important to have a day, time and location in mind. With all these details sorted out, you’re ready to go ahead and contact your chosen escort.

Except, hang on a second. Step two is all about doing your research. Different escorts prefer to be contacted in different ways – some like email, some like text message, and some prefer phone calls. Also, you want to read up on an escort’s profile or website, and make sure they can provide all the services you’re looking for. Not all escorts provide all things, right? And some only do outcalls, which is where they go to visit out, while other only provide incalls, which is where you visit them. There’s no point going to all the trouble of sending a message, if the escort can’t provide what you’re asking for.

Step three is to reach out and request a booking. You want to send a polite, well-worded booking request that includes all the details – the kind of experience you want, the day, time and location, and a bit about yourself. You can find some examples of good booking requests on my website, if you’re feeling stuck.

Step four is to wait for a reply. If you hear back and they say yes, then you’re good to go. But if your escort says no to a booking, or if they don’t reply, it’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t necessarily mean you did anything wrong. There are lots of reasons an escort might not reply or might turn down your booking. It’s not necessarily a rejection of you; it might just mean they’re busy, or taking time off, or that they feel you’re not suited to each other. Whatever the reason, move on and try your next choice.

Step five is what happens after an escort has accepted your booking. At this point, it’s time to provide any security details they request, including a deposit if that’s something they ask for. And, of course, you’ll want to confirm all the details such as the cost and location. The stuff is pretty easy, but it’s good to keep in mind that our security procedures are really important to help us feel safe. If you try to avoid them, it makes us nervous and that’s going to affect the quality of your session.

Seeing escorts can be incredible but getting the booking process right is essential. The easier you can make this process for your escort, the more relaxed they’re going to be around you when you finally meet them…and that means you’re going to get a better service. So, although you don’t have to be perfect, it’s worth making the effort.

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