“How do you handle pushy clients?”

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Q: How do you handle pushy clients?

Georgie: It’s a fact that most people in the world are pretty bad at asking for what they want, and pretty bad at hearing ‘no.’ This causes all sorts of complications, not just for escorts but also for regular folks. But it’s also kind of understandable – nobody ever gets taught how to have these conversations, so sometimes clients think that the only way to get what they want is to be pushy instead of just asking politely.

My strategy for people who are pushy is to be really clear on my boundaries. If they’re pushing me for something I don’t provide, I make it really clear so that they know they’ve overstepped the line. It usually goes something like “I notice you keep trying to do this thing even though I’ve said I don’t like it – that’s not okay. You need to stop, or you’re not going to have an enjoyable session.”

Most people are terribly sorry at this stage – often they don’t realise they’re being unpleasant, because nobody has ever pointed it out to them before. It’s helpful to gently talk about it, so that they change their behaviour. This is important not just for me, but for every other escort they might see in the future. Feeling harassed or pushed is bad for an escort, it will make them feel disrespected or unsafe. This is totally not on, and will also ruin the vibe of the booking.

Very occasionally, a client might decide to keep being pushy and disregard my needs. This is at best asshole behaviour, and at worst sexual assault (depending on what sort of unwanted behaviour it is.) I’ve never had to do it, but I’d have absolutely no problem ending the session on the spot if a client disrespected my boundaries. It’s also worth noting that initiating sexual contact without permission (or not stopping when asked) is sexual assault, and clients have been charged by police over this sort of behaviour.

Escorts are people too, and the way to have the best escort date possible is to treat us with kindness. I reckon all those pushy people out there don’t know what they’re missing out on!

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