“How long should I wait for a response to my booking request?”

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Q: If I message an escort about a booking, how long should I wait for a response before sending a gentle reminder? How long should I wait before I assume the answer is “no” and move on?

Georgie: It’s really difficult to give a specific time to wait for a reply to your booking request. Everyone has a different way of doing business, so where one escort might reply within the hour, another might take two days. It’s one of the reasons I ALWAYS recommend booking ahead – not trying to make last-minute bookings. If you’re looking for a same-day appointment and the escort you contact happens to be away for the day, you’re just going to waste your own time waiting for them to get back to you.

One of my clients, Mr B, is very experienced and has been seeing escorts for years. He sets a hard limit of three days to wait for a reply, and then moves on to the next person on his list of options. I think it’s great to set a rule like this and stick to it – it means you don’t spend a week worrying, and it also allows you to work out who is professional straight away. It’s really important to ensure your escort is reliable and professional, and a prompt reply is one way of working it out (along with how they write their messages, and how clear they are about their services.)

For the same reasons as above, I don’t know if a gentle reminder is necessary…if you get a reply then great, and if you don’t then it’s time to try your next best option.

If you don’t hear back within your chosen time limit, try not to take it personally. Escorts might drop out of communication for all sorts of valid reasons – travel, being on long bookings, personal life, taking a rest…not getting a reply doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done anything wrong. BUT if you have contacted several escorts and haven’t received a reply from any, it might be time to look over your messages and make sure you’re sending the right type of booking inquiry. Here’s a quick video about sending a good booking request.

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