If you support sex workers, support same-sex marriage.

Sex workers come in all shapes, sizes, and sexualities. If you're into escorts, here's why you should support queer folk too.
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This week has been pretty awful.

I don’t usually get negative on my blog – I feel there’s enough negativity in the world, and I don’t like adding to it. But there’s a cloud hanging over my head this week, literally.

I’ve been having fun touring in Sydney…the weather has been beautiful…I’ve met some lovely people. But also, on Monday some moron decided to write ‘Vote No’ in the Sydney sky, a reminder of our current political situation. The whole of Australia is being asked to vote on whether same-sex marriage should be legalised in Australia, and it sucks.

There are lots of sound arguments for why same-sex marriage should be a thing. Most of the developed world has it, and it makes no real difference to straight people anyway (apart from offending their ‘moral sensibilities’.) It’s going to happen sooner or later anyway so I feel as though we should just dispense with the expensive screwing around and just get it done. The March of Progress is a wonderful thing: interracial marriage, apartheid, women getting the vote…there are so many rights that seem obvious to us today that were once considered ‘morally questionable.’ For all of us over on the GLBTQI side, it seems obvious.

I understand that I have readers from all walks of life, and not all of you have the benefits of my friendship circle and my experiences. Surrounded by religious conservatives or homophobic relatives, sometimes the issue seems less clear than it does to those of us that are standing under the rainbow flag, shouting “Just get it done, for God’s sake!” One thing you all do have in common though, is that you have an interest in, or patronise, sex workers. That’s why you’re reading this blog, right? you didn’t come here by accident. so I’m going to assume you have at least a passing interest in my world.

If you support (and patronise) sex workers, you should support same sex marriage. Here’s why.

A lot of us are queer. I identify as bisexual, maybe 70% straight and 30% gay, if I had to guess. This is fun, it allows me to have lots of hot threesomes with my girlfriends at work (and quite a few in my private life too!) Same-sex marriage laws probably won’t affect me, as it’s unlikely I’m ever going to marry a woman. But the plebiscite sure is affecting me – with every ‘No’ comment that gets thrown about, I feel like a bit less of a person. Every time someone says ‘being gay isn’t okay’ I feel a bit more rejected by my own society. Sex workers already cop a lot of stigma, it’s really hard having extra judgement inflicted on us for our sexual orientations.

Some sex workers have same-sex partners. Whether gay or ‘straight’-presenting workers, a lot of us have same-sex or trans partners. Hate to break it to you, but you can’t judge someone simply by the sort of services they provide, or the gender of their clients. That gorgeous, model-esque woman you’re secretly in love with might have her own gorgeous woman at home, and might be disadvantaged because she’s being denied the right to marry. You want her to stay happy, healthy and secure, right? All these things will be good for the longevity and quality of your professional relationship.

It doesn’t make sense to consume the labour of the people you don’t support. Are you really into lesbian threesomes? Do you like seeing girls getting sexy with each other? I love ladies, and I love lesbian porn, and I don’t think you can be into girl-on-girl action without supporting same-sex-marriage. It’s a bit like really enjoying Indian food but wanting all immigrants out of the country – not logical, not compassionate and not a grateful way to treat the people who bring a bit of joy into your life. Guys and girls who watch a bit of gay porn on the side or would love to indulge in a hot bisexual MMF threesome? Same rules apply. You don’t deserve to enjoy our lifestyle if you aren’t standing up for us.

I’ll be back in Melbourne on the 1st of October, and I’ll be getting that plebiscite form into the mailbox as soon as I possibly can after that. Please join me in voting YES, and in telling your friends and family and the people you pass in the street … make it clear you’ve voted YES, because if you want to be a part of our world, you need to support us too.

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