“Is is okay to have an inflatable penile implant?”

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Q: Hi Georgie, do you think having an inflatable penile implant would stop an escort having a booking with me? I am considering getting one. Thank you.

Georgie: I’ve had lots of clients that needed some extra care in the pants department. This includes: guys who have erectile dysfunction and need to use injections before sex, guys who have trouble with their foreskins, people who are really really nervous because they think their ‘bits’ don’t measure up, and guys who have trouble cumming (but still really enjoy sex.) everybody’s body is different, and if your penis has something interesting going on, you’re not alone. 

I can’t see why having a penile implant would be a problem for an escort – it certainly wouldn’t be for me, if you were my client! the only thing I’d recommend is mentioning it in your first booking request email – it might feel awkward to bring it up, but we really appreciate knowing if there’s anything about your body that might require extra care and attention. That’s how we do a good job.

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