“Is it rude to ask an escort to wear specific clothes?”

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Q: Is it rude to ask an escort to wear specific clothes or dress a certain way during a booking?

Georgie: One of the great things about seeing escorts is that it allows you to ask for what you want. It’s not like standing in a bar hoping the person you like will taken an interest – you get to ask, and get specific about the sort of services you want. Part of those services might include a specific type of lingerie or outfit, if that’s something that you fantasise about. So yes, it’s okay to ask when you send your booking request.

But you do need to know that an escort date is about what BOTH of you want – it’s not about dictating every little thing your date does. You can ask, sure, but the escort might not necessarily be able or willing. I recommend asking for the stuff that’s important to you up-front – include a list of your requirements in your booking message, so that the escort can tell you straight away if your requests are possible. If they don’t offer what you need, you’ll be able to move on and try someone else without inconveniencing anyone.

There’s a limit to how many specific requests we can fulfil in one booking. If you ask for a specific set of lingerie you’ve seen in her pictures, great. But keep it simple – don’t ask for five different things at once. Try and stick to items you know they already have in their wardrobe, or very general items (eg ‘little black dress’ or ‘lacy white underwear’) that most escorts are likely to have. If you have a really specific dress requirement or fantasy, or are wanting a number of different items, you may wish to offer to pay extra so that the escort can source the items (or take them on a shopping trip as part of your time together.)

Keeping it simple is crucial, because the more energy an escort must use preparing for the session, the less energy they will have for you in the bedroom. Keep it straightforward, and you’ll have a much better date.

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