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Are your encounters with escorts ruined by guilt, anxiety, or awkwardness? Are you SURE you're making the most of every minute?

The Satisfaction Project will give you proven strategies for fun, fulfilling adventures.

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who is georgie wolf?

Hi, I'm Georgie! I've been Australian escort for more than ten years. I've published a book about better sex, and my work has appeared in Penthouse Australia and The Sydney Morning Herald. I also write for leading escort site Tryst.

"I've been seeing escorts for years. But this is a new way of thinking about it - practical stuff I can use straight away."

– Will, 63, Brisbane

7-day email course

What's in the course?

Day 1: What do you REALLY need?

Great sex isn’t just about orgasms. Together, we’ll discover your deep desires and I’ll help you come up with a plan for satisfying them.

Day 2: Find your perfect match

Let’s walk through the process of searching for an escort that ticks all your boxes. It’s all about matching your essential criteria, then doing some detective work to ensure they’re perfect for you.

Day 3: Reach out and connect

You’re probably feeling excited to meet your escort…but how can you make sure your escort is excited to meet you? It’s not about being a ‘nice guy’ – I’ll show you how to connect on a deeper level. 

Day 4: How to have a genuine experience

When you’re getting intimate, you want to feel that your playmate is enjoying themselves – and that you can be yourself, too. Learn to find the right mindset for genuine pleasure.

Day 5: The secrets of great sex

Learn straightforward strategies to please your partner and ask for what you really want…and take your sex life to the next level!

Day 6: Dealing with feelings

Emotions are part of the escort experience. Here’s how to enjoy them without making yourself miserable (or making things awkward).

Day 7: Advanced escort adventures

Fantasising about your next crazy sex adventure? From kink to threesomes, I’ll show you how to make your dreams come true, without anxiety.

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practical strategies that you can use right away.

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"I wish I knew this stuff when I was starting out! Georgie covers a lot of material...some tricks you may not have thought of..."

– Sam, 45, Melbourne

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