Perfect presents: 6 things to consider BEFORE gifting your escort

Some clients love giving gifts! If this is you, here are a few tips for getting it right.
Christmas is a strange time of year for escorts and clients alike. For some, it’s an excuse to celebrate the end of the year with our favourite regulars. For others, it’s a stressful time when families, events and commitments leave us very little time to enjoy ourselves. One thing I have noticed over the years it that some of my clients really enjoy giving gifts at this time of year. It can be nice way to show appreciation towards someone you’ve been seeing a lot, or who has made a big difference to your life.
When I started in the industry, I didn’t like receiving presents. I didn’t want my clients to feel as though anything extra was expected from them, and I felt that my fees were more than enough; why expect people to purchase gifts and treats when they had already invested in my company?
But over the years, my attitude has changed. I’ve come to appreciate how much some of my clients enjoy giving. Over the years I’ve share my interests with a number of long-term clients, and they have shared their love of movies and nerd culture by giving me amazing presents that delight us both.
If you feel you’d like to give your escort something special for the holidays, go ahead. But be careful! It doesn’t always end well – an inappropriate or poorly-considered gift can be worse than no gift at all. Here are some ideas on how to select a great gift for your worker.

1.Ask first.

There’s no shame in saying, “I’d love to bring you a Christmas gift for our next booking, would that be okay?” Not everyone is comfortable accepting gifts. Some folks can’t take them home, for privacy reasons. And the type of items might be an issue – what if they’re allergic to flowers? What if they can’t eat chocolate? Asking first means you’ll lose that element of surprise, but remember….spoiling the surprise is much better than disappointing someone with a present they can’t enjoy.

2.If you don’t know exactly what your escort likes, keep it generic.

Small, inexpensive gifts of chocolate, wine or flowers are almost always appreciated…and there’s much less risk of choosing something your escort doesn’t like. I’ve heard stories of guys who have made the mistake of gifting items that were completely wrong, simply because they didn’t know their worker well enough. If you’re not 100% sure of what they like – if you haven’t talked about her favourite brand (and size) of lingerie or that amazing sex toy she’s always wanted – stick to a bottle of bubbly or a bouquet. Flexible presents such as movie and spa vouchers are also wonderful. Bonus: it’s easy to find something that suits your budget.

3.If you buy something expensive, include the receipt.

I know that this goes against the rules of traditional gift giving – social custom dictates that we’re not supposed to reveal how much we spend, and it’s not considered polite to swap your Christmas gifts at the store! But honestly, if you really want to please your escort, why not give them the option of selecting a different colour or size?  You want them to be delighted, not disappointed because they’re stuck with a gift that doesn’t fit. By including the receipt, you’re ensuring your escort ends up with something that’s perfect.

4.If you buy sex toys, make sure they’re for HER, not for you.

Avoid the ‘Black and Decker’ gift – a present that’s given to someone else, but is really for your own benefit. Gifting toys that you expect to be used with you during sessions isn’t a favour, it’s more of an obligation. If you buy adult toys, choose something your lady (or guy, or person) has expressed an interest in, and make it clear you don’t expect them to share it with you. Of course, if you’re hoping to experiment with a particular toy, there’s nothing wrong with asking first then purchasing the item you want and bringing it along to your next session together. But that’s not a gift – that’s a part of our service.

5.Make sure it’s a gift, not an obligation.

Similarly to the above, presents don’t entitle you to free booking time or special treatment- the giving should be enough in itself. When we give presents, we do it for ourselves too – the fun and excitement of making someone happy is part of the experience. If you’re not the type of person who enjoys present-giving – or you’re doing it because you’re hoping for something in return – then it’s going to feel wrong, and your escort will feel awkward.

6.Sometimes ‘personal’ is better than ‘expensive.’

Many of my clients  have given me handwritten cards over the years to celebrate special occasions (or just for the fun of it!) I keep them in a box in my closet and take them out to read when I’m having a bad day. It’s really nice to have personal reminders of the with whom  I’ve had such incredible experiences. Extravagant gifts can be fun, but sometimes a personal note means much more than a grand gesture.
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