Let’s shed those Winter blues!

How does Spring make you feel? Do you get an irresistible urge to connect with someone new? Perhaps we can shed the Winter blues together...
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Spring is totally a thing. You know the feeling? You walk outside one day and instead of icy, the air is almost bearable. Trees are starting to look green again instead of brown and withered. There seem to be baby ducks everywhere (don’t get me started on the baby goats…I live near a farm.) Although the weather might still be cold and overcast, there’s the slightest hint that things may change. It’s a good feeling.

The change of seasons traditionally serves as an opportunity to experience change. I know it happens to me, because as soon as the temperature outside warms up I’m off exploring new places to hike and eat and take my dates. Spring is the traditional time to do a thorough clean of your living space…I don’t do that, but I certainly do use it as an opportunity to shake of any ideas and feelings that have settled on me over winter. In escorting terms, that means trying out new things, meeting new people and travelling to new places. If I’ve spent all Winter dreaming of being at the beach, or fantasising about a particular sexy scenario, or lusting after some shiny new toy, now is the time to make it happen.

We can’t have change without time to work out what we really want, so all those months spent in hibernation haven’t been wasted.

What are your spring resolutions? I’d love to know what quickens your blood when the birds start chirping again and everyone starts to show some summer skin. Do you feel the urge to connect with someone new? Perhaps you’re imagining an outdoors adventure that was delayed by the seasons: walking arm-in-arm with someone through the park or enjoying chilled wine on a deck by the river. Maybe, like me, you’re just delighted to be able to take your clothes off and feel comfortable lying around in your birthday suit. When Spring arrives, the possibilities can seem endless.

If you’re feeling a little bit tense, I guarantee you’re not the only one. Escorting through the Winter can be slow, and many a lovely service provider is just aching to take off their jumpers and coats and enjoy the experience of romping around without having to turn on the heater. The cold months can be lonely and sexually frustrating, to the point where feeling the change in seasons can be a potent aphrodisiac.

Why not do one of us a favour? Find someone that turns you on and help them shed their Winter blues. It’s much more fun when we do it together.

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