The little things that make you a classy punter

From cash in an envelope to making better small talk, just a few small details can transform you into a classy escort client.
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There are a few small things that make the difference between being a regular John or a classy gentleman. After many years escorting, I find I can predict a great encounter by the way someone speaks, the wine they choose and the questions they ask. This is the stuff that elevates you from the level of ‘normal guy’ to ‘valued client’.

Why should you bother to pleased your escort? Good question. I think it’s all about shwing you’ve made an effort.  The more your playmate appreciates your behaviour, the more you’re going to get from them in the way of enthusiasm … and the more time they will make for you in the future. Here are a few of my recommendations.

Put your cash in an envelope

This is the classic gentleman’s move: slipping your escort an envelope with the agreed fee as soon as she walks through the door. When I have to ask for money, it disrupts the mood; also, an envelope is much more classy than a big lump of cash.
Bonus points: Leave the envelope on the bedside table so that your escort can collect it discreetly.

Prepare Some Drinks

Why not start the night off with a nice bottle of wine or champage? You probably won’t get through more than a glass but it’s a great way to break the ice. Make sure you open the bottle in front of her, so she can see you haven’t spiked it with anything.

Bonus points: Ask what they prefer to drink, before the booking. Not everyone likes alcohol!

Use Mouthwash

Personal grooming is obvious, and of course you will have showered before your appointment. For extra-fresh breath, gargle a bit of mouthwash right before she is due to walk through the door. It will make you infinitely more kissable.

Bonus points: If you’re hosting, leave your mouthwash and a clean glass by the bathroom sink in case she would like to do the same.

Avoid the obvious questions

Despite the fact that most escorts are intelligent, morally upstanding businesswomen, some myths seem to persist. There are certain things escorts hear over and over, and hearing them yet again won’t raise her opinion of you. Avoid questions such as:

  • “Are you on drugs?”
  • “Does your husband know you do this?”
  • “Are you clean?”
  • “Are you doing this to pay your way through uni?”

Bonus points: Watch Shit They Say to Sex Workers.

Respect our boundaries

Your escort is a professional. Their job is built upon creating a setting that allows you to experience sex and intimacy. However at the end of the day it’s still a job, with professional boundaries. Respect these by not asking your professional date out. Avoid questions such “Are you married?” – it really kills the mood.

Bonus points: Don’t ask where we live, work or hang out – we often want to keep our locations private for security reasons.

Be active – participate!

One of the nice things about for paying for sex is that you aren’t obligated to do anything you don’t want to. Some guys can take this a little far, though, and simply ‘starfish’ on the bed while we work our asses off. You need to join in to get the most out of your experience! Try a few different positions, or if for medical or fitness reasons you need to lie down, use your hands or give enthusiastic feedback to show you’re completely involved.

Bonus points: Ask to do her favourite position.

I hope that’s helped give you a bit of an edge! While we don’t demand the red-carpet treatment, we really notice small stuff and I for one will always take more time and effort to please someone who has put effort into pleasing me too.

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