To survive FOSTA-SESTA, we all need to work together.

The USA's FOSTA-SESTA laws have changed the way sex workers advertise online. Luckily, there are more options available than Backpage...
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I’m reaching out with some sad news. You may have heard of the recent developments regarding FOSTA-SESTA in the USA. If you haven’t, here are the basics:

FOSTA-SESTA are a series of laws that were recently passed through parliament in the USA. The laws are designed to shut down sex work online, by making ISPs responsible for the content on any sites they host. Even though we’re in Australia, these laws have affected both workers and clients. The most significant issue so far has been the closure of Backpage and Cracker, although there are other awful things happening too – some escorts whose websites are hosted in the USA have lost all of their data. All of this might be making it hard for you to find escorts, especially if you’re searching for a specific person or service.

If you’re a Backpage enthusiast, here are a couple of alternatives:

  • Crockor is an Australian-owned classifieds site that supports sex workers. It has been recently created for the purpose of giving Aussie Backpage advertisers a new place to set up shop. Head on over and check it out!
  • Tryst is one of the most user-friendly escort ad websites in Australia. They have great customer service, and showcase workers from around the world.

As always, I’m here to help.

If you can’t contact your favourite lady, or are searching for a specific ‘look’ or kink, please send me an email. I have an extensive network of friends and playmates Australia-wide, and I may be able to recommend someone or help you get in touch with your regulars.

And here are some ways you can help too…

If there are workers you regularly see, and who previously advertised on Backpage, consider booking them over the next few weeks. The situation has caused a lot of financial uncertainty, and they could use any support you’re able to offer! Please ensure you pay their full rate, and don’t try to haggle – when folks are financially vulnerable, it’s not okay to use that to try and get a better deal. (To be honest, I don’t think any of my lovely clients would ever consider being such an A-hole, but I know it’s happening.)

I’m not personally affected by the Backpage issue, but it’s been a stressful couple of weeks for everyone. So I’m extending my coffee date booking to one hour, for anyone who needs a sympathetic ear or is willing to be a good listener!

We’re all in this together, workers and clients alike – we’ll make sure everything stays ‘business as usual.’

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