“Will my regular escort be upset if I start seeing someone else?”

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Q: I’ve been seeing the same escort for almost 2 years and feel as though we have developed a warm wonderful connection based around boundaries and trust. I really look forward to each encounter. My question is this; Do escorts feel put out or upset if a regular client chooses to see another provider? I feel awkward raising this with her.

Georgie: Having a long-term professional relationship with an escort can be truly rewarding. I find my clients and I have the opportunity to trust and get to know each other – much more so than just after a few meetings! Long-term clients are wonderful, and personally I’d definitely be sad if one of them decided to stop seeing me and start seeing someone else. But like any other business, it’s your choice as to where you spend your money. An escort session isn’t a romantic relationship – there’s no obligation to commit.

This is one of the things that makes seeing escorts so appealing. One of the best things about seeing escorts is that you have the ability to ask for what you want, or to try new things (and new escorts!) So most escorts will be very understanding if you choose to see other providers.

If your escort is professional, they should be understanding if you decide to stop seeing them. It’s always courteous to let them know you won’t be booking again for a while, and thank them for the time you’ve spent together. But just as an escort isn’t obligated to tell you when they leave the industry, a client isn’t obligated to notify their escort. It’s a courtesy, but it can’t be demanded.

If you’ve been seeing your escort very regularly (weekly or monthly) for a long time, they may be relying on the income you’re providing. So if you were planning on stopping seeing them entirely, it might be polite to give a bit of warning, so they can budget accordingly.

On the other hand, if you were simply thinking of seeing other ladies occasionally, I say go for it! It’s nobody else’s business how many escorts you see, or who you choose to spend time with. It’s also not necessary to tell your regular lady you’re seeing other people (again, it’s not a romantic relationship, and no vows of monogamy have been taken.) But if you do often share details of your life, and you raise the topic, a professional shouldn’t give you a hard time.

If you’re planning on switching to another provider entirely, I encourage you to to part on good terms. It’s a bit like a regular relationship, when you’ve been seeing someone for years. It’s okay to call it quits, but we always appreciate a “Goodbye, and thanks!”

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